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Arioka DaikiCollapse )


-This is pretty rough, please do correct me if I was wrong
-Please don't repost/translate into another language without permission and credit
-Image credit goes to 空 and Yura of 326 Scans
-I will be translating the rest of the HSJ stuff in this magazine ^^


13 June 2008 @ 07:37 pm
Here's all the completed projects from START! Fansubs:
Ya-ya-yah!Collapse )
17 May 2008 @ 05:51 pm
Have an article from a magazine you want me to translate? Just comment ^^ but make sure that the scan is clear and I can see the text (not super small sizes XD) ^^

-I'll translate any NEWS, HSJ, yax3, JJE, Juniors and Arashi
-But...if you want me to translate anything else, it's fine too~

Please comment with the following:
Title of Magazine:
URL of scan:
16 May 2008 @ 11:00 pm
All my translations from Duet~
2007Collapse )
Here's a really rough translation of Shoon's part from Duet 2007/05~ I believe they were talking about friends and that stuff~

LOL...he mentioned Daiki X3Collapse )
15 May 2008 @ 07:27 am

If anyone is willing to help me translate some ya-ya-yah episodes that would be greatly appreciated ^^ I usually don't have much time to translate so it would take me for ages to finish one episode right now~
14 May 2008 @ 11:52 am
Here's the list of the projects I'm planning to sub (in no particular order)~ 

All projects without usernames means that it is a solo project
I edit, typeset and translate at the same time, so please don't be surprised if all three percentages rise up at the same time.

[Updated: 15/06/09]

Ya-ya-yah #46 (16-11-2003) [editing, typesetting + encoding - icecrusher_i_b][timed by - moon_kaka][translated by - atarashiiyoake]

Current Projects
Yes! PreCure + GoGo! Series:
Yes! PreCure  5 - Ep. 25 [translating - 20%][timing - 20%][typesetting - 20%][encoding - 0%]
Yes! PreCure  5 - Ep. 26 [translating - 100% - jitsch ][timing - 60%][typesetting - 60%][encoding - 0%]
Ya-ya-yah #41 (12-10-2003) [timing, editing, typesetting - icecrusher_i_b][translated by  atarashiiyoake

Future Plans
Hoshi wo Mezashite - NEWS
Miso Soup (Jap) - TegoMass
Miso Soup (Eng) - TegoMass
Dreams Come True - HSJ

Shows (segments):
Shonen Club Special - Nantoka Narusa - KoyaMassuPi

Shows (whole):
Other Ya-Ya-Yah Episodes
Hyakushiki Episodes

Sub Team Members


Basically, my long-term project is going to be the two shows (unless a NEWS one would come out...that would be three XD) ^^

If you would like to request anything, I'll be willing to try (mostly NEWS, ya-ya-yah and HSJ stuff right now, but) ^^ I'll be busy until school finishes, so I'll start madly subbing when summer starts (mid-june)

If anyone would like to help translate episodes (just translating, no need to time or anything) or have the romaji of what they are saying...the process might go a little faster XP (i'm such a slow translator...b/c I'm not pro Jap nor do I have really good ears to listen to some of their talkng...x.x) 
05 May 2008 @ 07:47 pm

Please join the community to see translations and subbed projects~